Adopt a Dog from Refurbished Pets of Southern Michigan


how it works

  • application

    1. Fill out the online Adoption Application.

  • contact references

    2. RPSM will contact your references, including your veterinarian(s). Please inform them that an RPSM volunteer will be calling them.

  • homevisit

    3. RPSM will schedule a 30-60 minute home visit to meet you and your family.

  • approval

    4. After our internal review, RPSM will contact you to notify you if you are approved or denied.

  • prisonprogram

    5. If your adopted dog is still in the Prison Program, you will receive weekly reports regarding his/her progress via e-mail. In some cases you may have the opportunity to meet the dog prior to entering the Prison Program.

  • parole

    6. When your adopted dog is paroled you will get to meet your dog. If the meeting proceeds smoothly, you will be able to take your new family member home that day, after the adoption paperwork is complete.

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